The coconut  (Cocos nucifera L.) is so widespread in all tropical areas that it is difficult to identify its origin.
In ancient times the plant was already widespread throughout the Pacific area. The Europeans (Portuguese and Spanish) discovered the coconut exploring the western coasts of South and Central America and introduced it in other areas.

The pulp of coconut is rich in fiber and minerals with a fat content of about 30%.
Thanks to its unmistakable smooth taste, it is the protagonist of many different recipes for ice creams, sorbets, smoothies and cocktails.

Valores Nutricionais e características Químico-Físicas médio por cada 100g

Informação nutricional

Valores por 100g VNR* %
Energia 1209 Kcal - 293 kJ
Gorduras 30 g
- dos quais ácidos gordos saturados 24.0 g
Carboidratos 3.6 g
- dos quais açúcares 3.6 g
Proteínas 1.6 g
Sal 0.07 g

Características químico-físicas

Valores por 100g
Sólidos totais 36 g
Sólidos solúveis 7 °Brix
Acidez (Ácido Cítrico) 0.15 g

* VRN = Valores de referência dos nutrientes